ABS / EDS / ESP Trainer- EAU 963


ABS -EDS -ESP Trainer- EAU 963

Teaching Experimental Applications (View Specification(docx))

  • Real application with all of the pieces of the vehicle that are to be learned about effectively integrated (electrical installations, connections, cabling, components, circuits, etc.)
  • Help in significantly reducing procedural activities learning time,
  • Using the trainer’s oscilloscope, the different pressure, acceleration and deceleration curves can be viewed.
  • Traction and brake system maintenance.
  • Verification and analysis of components and systems.
  • Brake circuit analysis.
  • Component analysis.
  • Reading of diagrams.
  • Operation of instruments.
  • Diagnosis and repair of breakdowns
  • Simulation of malfunctions, verification and symptom recognition.

Technical Details

  • On / Starter switch
  • ABS module
  • ABS-EBD/EDS control unit
  • Tandem brake master cylinder
  • Hydraulic control unit
  • Brake switch
  • Brake indicator light
  • Instrument panel with multiplex network
  • ABS indicator light
  • ESP indicator light
  • System fuse box
  • Four crowns with fully independent speed regulation
  • Four new automobile active receivers (magnetoresistant)
  • Four switches for simulating the possible braking conditions of a car, both normal and sudden.
  • Two switches that simulate low traction at acceleration in order to activate the EDS traction control
  • Five gauges incorporated into the panel in order to read the pressure of the servo and each wheel.
  • Accelerator pedal
  • Brake pedal
  • Standard EOBD (EOBDII) connection
  • Module to generate 16 breakdowns (8 for the ESP), through switches protected by a cover and lock, or through a virtual breakdown repair software.
  • The equipment is mounted on wheels

Accessories for studying the electronic stability program ESP (Optional):

  • Direction position sensor
  • Skid direction sensor (with multiplex)
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU) motor
  • Switch to disconnect the ESP
  • Steering wheel
  • Car body
  • Control Panel

Equipment Composition

  • Practical activities manual
  • User manual.
  • Software

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