Air conditioning trainer for car-EUA 964


Teaching Experimental Applications (View Specification (docx))

  • Analysis of the operation principle of the air conditioning systems.
  • Analysis of air conditioning systems.
  • Diagram interpretation.
  • Component control.
  • Diagnosis and repairing of failures.
  • Development of load processes and unloading of the cooling gas.
  • Control of installation water tightness. Control of flights.
  • Instrumentation
  • Technical documentation

Technical details 

The unit is fitted with real components with which different operating conditions or air conditioning systems can be simulated.

  • Variable volume compressor.
  • Capacitor.
  • Valve expansion of calibrated step fixed
  • Valve of expansion with electronic regulation.
  • Two evaporators.
  • Dehydrator filter.
  • High and low pressure load valve.
  • High pressure switch.
  • Low pressure switch.
  • Electric drive motor with speed variator
  • 6 Viewfinders of state of the gas to the entrance and exit of each component
  • 6 Pressure gauges to visualize different pressures from the entrance and exit of each component.
  • 6 Thermometers to the entrance and exit of the components.
  • Thermometer of room temperature.
  • Circuit with gas
  • Failure control, Classroom management and evaluation  software

Control panel with:

  • Starting key.
  • Switch of drive.
  • Speed regulator of the air impeller.
  • Speed regulator of compressor.
  • Module for the generation of 18 failures, by means of switches protected with cover and key, or by means of a software of virtual repair of failures which caused well-known and appreciable symptoms; (visual, audible, etc) of bad operation of the equipment.
  • Safeties: emergency button and protection of strap by means of microrruptor of security.
  • The unit is mounted on an easy-to-wheel trolley.

Equipment composition

  • User manual
  • Practices manual.
  • Diagrams of wiring manual same as a real car.
  • Software

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