Teaching Experimental Applications ( View Data Sheet (pdf))

  • Implementation and controls parameterization by camera
  • Parameterization of the variator
  • PLC programming
  • Programming the display
  • Format change.
  • Study of the chains of action electro-pneumatics and electrics.
  • Electrical wiring of platinum of motor control

Technical Details ( View Specification (docx))

Chassis :

  • A stainless metallic structure
  • 4 large doors (2 on front face and 2 on back face) swinging and secured by safety sensor telemechanic. Fixed protections on conveyors
  • Low casing in paneled PVC.

Electrical Box 

  • Circuit breakers and differential
  • Preventa module
  • Main switch
  • 24V power supply
  • Power supply ASI
  • PLC with ASI card
  • Variators
  • Motor contactors
  • Axis card for control of barrel of the station 3


  • Integrated to the electrical box
  • Buttons, LEDs, and control switches
  • Screen ensures Man-dialogue/ machine and enables the parameterization of the operation of the machine, the selection of actuators for their individual manual control and the status visualization of the sensors

Transfer of products:

  •  Chain conveyor with pallet carrier beam in hippodrome shape / Ensures the circulation of products on the machine
  •  A ginner device with 2 cylinders each associated with a distributor 5/2 monostable and controlled by ILS detectors ensures the regulation of the flow of product to the control station
  •  A pneumatic clamping device at the post also composed of 2 cylinders ensures the maintenance in position of the jars and bottles during the monitoring phase. For these 2 devices the detection of product presence at that considered stage is performed by a reflective optical detector.
  •  One 2-axis gantry (pneumatic and electric) ensures the transfer of products towards the scrap conveyor.
  • The horizontal axis uses a toothed belt drive and guiding roller bearings pretensioned on the guide rail.
  • The detection of limit switches of the axes is realized by detectors ILS and inductive.
  • The conveyor belt of scraps is powered by a geared motor asynchronous wheel and endless screw. The detection of saturation of the scraps on the conveyor is detected by an optical reflective sensor

Conformity control post

  • Control by associated vision
  • Background transmitter for detection workpiece profile by drop shadow / contrast
  • Discrimination of different containers and of the quality of screwing for each one
  • Software and cord of parameterization shall be provided

ASI Bus:

  • All the detectors and distributors connected to the PLC via ASI bus.
  • The boxes 4 inputs or 4 outputs allow their connection to the PLC.
  • A pocket of parameterization allows addressing each ASI module to match the addresses of I/O PLCs outputs to the physical connection of the elements (sensors or distributors) on the bus.

Dimensions:  (LxWxH mm): 1600 x 900 x 20000

weight (Kg): 150


  • User Manual
  • Pedagogical manual
  • Technical documentation of the components
  • Lab exercises
  • Configuration files (PLC, controller)
  • Software :
  • Certificate of conformity CE

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