Automotive Electricity-ADA 300

Teaching Experimental Applications (View Specification (docx))

  • Using equipment to measure electric/electronic components and circuits and interpret the data obtained with the multimeter and the oscilloscope.
  • Checking electric/electronic components not under voltage and under voltage.
  • Analysing basic electric/electronic circuits and linking them to car components.
  • Assembling basic electric/electronic circuits.
  • Running diagnostics and repairing simple faults in car electric/electronic systems:
  • Earth fault, faulty switch, flat battery, open-circuit potentiometer, faulty diode, etc.

Technical Details

Incorporating the following components/circuits:

  • Power circuit: Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).
  • Circuit with lamps: Parallel, series, mixed, lamps with different powers.
  • Circuit with resistances: Parallel, series, mixed, linear and logarithmic potentiometer.
  • Circuit with relay.
  • Circuit with different conductor materials: Copper, nichrome and constantan.
  • Full wave/half wave rectifier circuit.
  • Circuits with capacitors: filter, power store.
  • Circuit with logic gates.

Test points to take measurements on the different circuits.

Accessibility to all components for analysis under voltage or without voltage.

Possibility of generating disfunctions in components of the equipment.

Possibility of doing different electric/electronic assemblies on a proto-board.

Consumption: 25W.

Measurements: 446x270x100 mm

Contents to be studied:

  • AC power supply.
  • DC power supply.
  • Batteries: Characteristic. Association of batteries in series and in parallel.
  • Lamps. Identification. Association of lamps.
  • Ohm’s law: voltage, current, resistance.
  • Association of resistances in series and in parallel.
  • Characteristics of linear and logarithmic potentiometers.
  • Electric power.
  • Conductor materials: Copper, nichrome and constantan.

Study of capacitors in DC: Filter, power store.

  • Binary logic: AND, OR, EXOR, NOT, NOR and NAND.
  • Full wave/Half wave rectification, filtering with capacitor.
  • Components: Resistances, capacitors, diodes, leds, potentiometers, lamps, relays.

Equipment composition:

  • Equipment panel.
  • Users’ manual.
  • Manual of practical activities.
  • Wires with different conductor materials.
  • Electric/electronic components to assemble complementary circuits.
  • Accessories store.

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