Automotive electronics – ADA 301

Automotive electronics – ADA 301                          

Teaching Experimental Applications ( )View Specification ( docx)

  • Using component and electronic circuit measuring devices and interpreting the data obtained with the voltammeter and the oscilloscope.
  • Testing electronic components with and without voltage.
  • Analysing general electronic circuits and linking these with automotive components.
  • Mounting basic electronic circuits.
  • Diagnosing and repairing simple failures in automotive electronics systems.

Technical Details

  • It shall include the electronic units required for studying the following circuits:
    • Supply circuit
    • Spark generation by contact breaker circuit
    • Multivibrator or square signal generator circuit
    • Transistorized spark generation circuit
    • Spark generation by capacitator discharge circuit
    • DC motor supply circuit
    • DC motor speed variation circuit
    • Lamp brightness variation circuit analysis
  • Test points for taking measurements on the different circuits.
  • Accessibility to all the electronic components for analysing them, with or without voltage.
  • Possibility of generating malfunctions in different components of the device, enabling analysis of circuit functioning with failures.
  • Possibility of making electronic assemblies on a protoboard complementing the device.
  • Consumption: 25W.
  • DIMENSIONS: 446x270x100 (mm)


Contents to be studied:

  • Study and control of the functioning of different electronic components: Diode, transistor, zener diode, thyristor.
  • Basic study of the different ignition systems used in vehicles.
  • Current polarity reversal circuit in the transistorized ignition circuit.
  • Current amplifier circuit.
  • Integrated circuit: multivibrator.
  • Rectifier circuit.
  • Time-varying signal generation.
  • High voltage generation from low voltage.
  • Capacitor discharge circuit on coil primary.
  • Voltage variation applied to a device (motor, valve lamp).

Equipment Composition

  • Equipment panel
  • User manual
  • Practical activities manual
  • Accessory store
  • 12V direct current (DC) motor
  • 12V/6W lamp
  • Electronic components for mounting complementary circuits


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