Bench study of the angular position of an upwind turbine -SEO 200

Bench study of the angular position of an upwind turbine -SEO 200

Bench study of the angular position of an upwind turbine -SEO 200

Teaching Experimental Applications (View Data Sheet (pdf))

  • Parameterization of a speed servo loop
  • Parameterization of a position servo loop
  • Study of different analog sensor signals of position of encoders, converted signals, sampling …
  • Recording the signals via software ITOOLS ( graphical plots in real-time, recordings …)
  • Visualization of control limits (effects of pumping in speed and position, tracking errors, static error …)
  • Visualization of the effect of changes in mechanical behavior (independently adjustable resistant and inertia torque)

Technical Details (View Specification (docx))

The orientation of the upwind turbine constitutes a critical setting to confer an optimum efficiency to the turbine.

The bench study of the angular position of an upwind turbine is a mobile bench which allows to study the entire measurement chain and of conversion of signals necessary to achieve the angular position servo of the wind turbine according to the wind.

The bench involves 2 nested servo loops


  • Anodized aluminum structure with non-slip feet
  • 1 rotational turret of the vane
  • 1 rotational turret of the wind turbine mounted on output axis of the asynchronous motor reducer
  • 1 console with control pushbuttons and displays on the electrical box

Operative part:

  • 1 vane
  • Equipped with an arrow at the end of the mast
  • Mounted on guiding turret with ball bearings
  • Equipped with a sensor of angular position
  • Protective casing / control by external handle to avoid any deterioration of the vane in the context of use in schools
  • 1 wind turbine
  • Mechanism integrated to a closed chamber by a door / closing controlled security module preventa type
  • Wind turbine mounted on output axis of the geared motor of orientation.
  • Three-phase asynchronous geared motor
  • Sensor of angular position of the nacelle of the wind turbine
  • Incremental encoder coupled to a frequency converter / analog voltage for image of the motor speed.
  • 1 braking device (creation of resistant torque by friction / modulated load).
  • 1 modulation device of inertia (inertia removable disks attached to high speed shaft of the system)

LCD displays of PLC status and PID regulators

Acquisition of data:

– Data acquisition software and plotting of graphics provided / compatible data for exploitation

on Excel spreadsheet

Approximate dimensions (L* w*h in mm): 1500 * 800 * 1700

Weight: about 100kg


  • User Manual
  • Technical documentation of the components
  • Lab exercises
  • Certificate of conformity CE

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