CAN/LIN multiplexed bus application – ADA 306

CAN/LIN multiplexed bus application- ADA 306

Teaching Experimental Applications (View Specification (docx))

The device shall be designed for the conceptual study of data networks and multiplexing in vehicles. The device simulates part of the comfort and safety devices used in today’s vehicles. The simulated devices are:

  • Central locking system
  • Electric windows
  • Airbag

Two buses used in vehicles will be used for transmitting the information between the different nodes: CAN  (Controller Area Network, ISO 11898-3 or ISO 11519-2 specification) and LIN (Local Interconnect Network)

  • Analysis of multiplexed systems.
  • Failure diagnosis and repair in multiplexed systems.


Technical Details

  • Implementation of multiplexed bus for comfort with an ISO 11898-3 CAN line, failure-tolerant at 125K bps.
  • Implementation of control of buttons and electric windows on vehicle doors with LIN bus at 19200 bps.
  • Test points on the different bus lines.
  • Malfunctions can be generated on the different buses, enabling analysis of the system’s performance in different failure situations:
  • Short circuits to Vbat and earth
  • Short circuits between the lines
  • Line cut-off
  • Control unit failure simulation.
  • Real or slow functioning selection switch. Enables functioning analysis with an oscilloscope (real functioning) or a voltammeter (slow functioning).
  • Slow mode viewing of the different frameworks circulating through the buses on alphanumerical displays in hexadecimal notation.
  • Possibility of CAN communication via optical fibre. The conventional wiring is substituted by an optical fibre cable on the CANH or CANL lines
  • Consumption: 25W.
  • DIMENSIONS: 446x270x100 mm.


Contents to be Studied

  • Binary logic.
  • Numbering systems (Binary, hexadecimal)
  • Serial data transmission.
  • Data network architectures (Multi-master, Master-Slave)
  • CAN bus (Differential data transmission, voltage levels, frameworks, failure tolerance, etc)
  • LIN bus (Data transmission, voltage levels, LIN frameworks, etc)
  • Data transmission via optical fibre


Equipment composition

  • panel
  • User manual
  • Practical activities manual
  • Accessory store
  • Optical fibre transmitter/receiver

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