Centrifugal Fan Demonstrator – VEA050

Teaching Experimental Applications (View Datasheet (pdf))

  • Determination of the fan characteristics depending on the speed, of the suction and discharge pressures
  • Study of a centrifugal fan
  • Study of the QH curves of the fan
  • Using a column manometer for the pressure measurements.
  • Flow rate measurement with Pitot tube.
  • Measurement of the electrical power to the motor, efficiency determination.
  • Verification of Bernoulli’s equation.
  • Highlighting of the aerodynamic lines.
Centrifugal Fan Demonstrator - VEA050

Centrifugal Fan Demonstrator – VEA050

Technical Detail (View Specification (docx))

Centrifugal fan

  •      Engine: 0,35 kW
  •      Speed: 0 to 2900 rev/min
  •      Maximum volume flow rate: 480-1320 m³/h

Electrical box with Controller:

  •          Electronic speed controller
  •          Set point by potentiometer

Rotation speed: Digital indicator of the rotational speed of the fan

Electric power: Digital indicator of the power used by the fan in operation

Air flow duct

A round profile duct

A rectangular profile duct with hatch to dispose a layout

Two measures of pressure:  Pressure measured using a water column manometer Or pressure measured using a differential pressure sensor

Pitot tube : Measurement of air velocities at different heights in the duct, allowing to plot the air profile

Dimensions and Weight

  • Dimensions:  (LxWxH mm): 1500 x 700 x 1000
  •  Weight (Kg): 70


  • User Manual
  • Pedagogical manual
  • Technical documentation of the components
  • Lab exercises
  • Certificate of conformity CE

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