Teaching Experimental Applications ( View Data Sheet (pdf))

  • Settings of belt tension
  • Setting of the drift
  • Study of various technologies detectors (photoelectric of proximity, capacitive, inductive …)
  • Study of the control circuits direct or automat
  • Electrical control wiring + power on cabinet
  • Setting belt tension
  • Setting of pulleys alignment

Technical Details ( View Specification (docx))

  • A structure in anodized aluminum profiles mounted on 4 adjustable feet. A belt conveyor on structure anodized aluminum profiles with wheel gear motor and worm screw tri 380V/0.18kW equipped with a transmission with a pulley and V-belt.
  • Adjustable shores to support different types of detectors.
  • 5 detectors (inductive, capacitive, 2 photoelectric of proximity + reflex and a lever mechanical detector)
  • 1 electric box with clear cover 800*600 mounted on an aluminum structure and connected to the operative part by an industrial withdrawable connector.
  • The electric box is composed of:
    • 1 isolator 4 POLE padlockable
    • Circuit breaker and 30mA differential
    • 1 power supply 24Vdc
    • Pushbuttons and indicators necessary for piloting the installation.
  • Slot for removable plate with quick connector
  • 1 set of 8 products to be conveyed consists of:

– 4 jars in opaque plastic

– 4 metallic jars

Wiring kit

– 5 removable plates for integration in the cabinet (terminal, rails and raceways preinstalled

– A terminal with quick connector for connection to the cabinet

– A circuit breaker magnetothermic

– A motor contactor 1 operating directions

– A motor contactor kit 2 operating directions

– 1 timer

– 1 meter

– 1 analogical tachometer for speed control of the conveyor …)

– 1 variator

– 1 soft starter

( Only 2 of the 5 plates are supplied wired. The others are provided with integrated components but not wired)

Dimensions: (LxWxH mm): 1200 x 500 x 1000

weight (Kg): 150


  • User Manual
  • Pedagogical manual
  • Technical documentation of the components
  • Lab exercises
  • Certificate of conformity CE

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