Auxiliary Electrical Systems with Multiplexing- EAU 962

Auxiliary Electrical Systems with Multiplexing-EAU 962

Teaching Experimental Applications(View Specification (docx))

  • The application is real, with all of the parts of the motor to be learned about effectively integrated (electrical installations, connections, cabling, components, circuits, etc.)
  • Significantly reducing procedural activities learning time
  • Diagram interpretation.
  • Circuit Analysis.
  • Identification of symbols, connectors, cable coding and component location.
  • Verification and analysis of components and systems.
  • Maintenance and regulation of the auxiliary electrical systems.
  • Use and interpretation of technical documentation.
  • Instrument operation for verification and diagnosis.
  • Diagnosis and repair of break-downs.
  • Simulations of malfunctions, verification and symptom recognition..

Technical Details

  • Light system with switch and panel illumination:

– Automatic front headlights with running lights and turn signal,

headlight stabilizer in  case of braking.

– Electrical headlight balancing system.

– Rear lights.

– Back and front anti-fog lights.

– Turn signals.

– Emergency light.

– Interior light.

– Hatchback light.

– Number plate light.

– Third break light.

– Backup lights.

  • Door and Hatchback opening and closing systems with a remote control:

– Centralized locking.

– Fuel tank lock.

– Hatchback lock.

  • Motors and buttons for the front electric windows openers integrated in the multiplex network.
  • Rear-view mirrors:

– Adjustable heated exterior mirrors.

– Interior mirror with automatic darkening and light      sensor based dazzle control.

  • Ultrasound parking sensors.
  • Rain and luminosity sensor for automatic headlights and windscreen wipers.
  • Front and back windscreen wipers.
  • Pump for windscreen cleaning liquid.
  • Horn with a button incorporated on the steering wheel.
  • Accessories plug-in socket.
  • Fuel level sensors.
  • Motors for automatic closing of fuel tank.
  • Switch for brake, hatchback and backup lights.
  • Illuminated instrument panel indicating:

– Lighting and signalling system.

– Fuel level.

  • Emergency light switch.
  • Steering wheel with light and windscreen wiper switches.
  • Central Electrical Box and battery, fuse, relay unions.
  • Standard EOBD (EOBDII) connection.
  • Power Supply (battery substitute).
  • Back window heating simulator.
  • Terminal plates enabling the measurement of signals in different components of the system for analysis, diagnostics and breakdown repair.
  • Module for generating breakdowns.
  • Safety systems made up by:

– Function permission button.

– Protection with bornier tests.

  • The equipment is mounted on wheels.
  • Dimensions and weights

– Equipment dimensions: 1.250 x 1.080 x 1.900 mm.

– Package dimensions: 1.465 x 1.230 x 2.080 mm.

– Package weight: 300 kg.


Safety connectors, test points, fuses and screwdrivers.

Equipment Composition

  • User manual.
  • Wiring diagram
  • Practical activities manual.
  • Software

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