HEADLIGHT training device

head light training device

Teaching Experimental Applications (View Specification (docx )

  • Analysis of the functioning principle of xenon headlights.
  • Analysis of the electrical circuit of xenon headlights.
  • Interpreting diagrams.
  • Identification and control of components.
  • Failure diagnosis and repair.
  • Instrument handling.
  • Handling of technical documents.


Technical details

The device includes real components for generating the different functioning conditions of the xenon headlight system.

  • Complete bi-xenon headlight.
  • Ballast and high voltage transformer.
  • Headlight adjustment motor.
  • Front and rear sensors.
  • Light control.
  • EOBD diagnosis connector.
  • Relays and fuses affecting the system.

Control panel with:

  • Switch for authorisation of functioning and use of device.
  • Headlamp wiper activation switch.
  • Vehicle speed simulator potentiometer.
  • Instrument panel indicators.
  • Terminal plate enabling measurement of all the signals intervening in the headlight system, for failure analysis, diagnosis and repair.
  • Module for generation of 16 failures, using switches protected by a cover or key, or by virtual failure separation software for failures that will cause evident and appreciable failures, i.e. device malfunctioning.
  • RS-232 serial line.
  • Ignition key.
  • ON-OFF switch for battery disconnection for performing continuity controls.
  • Safety micro switch guarding access to headlight interior.
  • Consumption: 200w.
  • Device dimensions: 900x555x355 mm.
  • Weight: 16 Kg.

Equipment composition

  • User manual.
  • Practical activities manual
  • Software

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