Hydrostatic Pressure in Liquids – PBP150

Teaching Experimental Applications (View Datasheet (pdf))

  • Measurement of the thrust of a fluid on a flat surface
  • Tests on vertical or inclined surfaces
  • Height of variable liquid
  • Determine the center of thrust of the surface subjected to the pressure forces
Hydrostatic Pressure in Liquids - PBP150

Hydrostatic Pressure in Liquids – PBP150

Technical Details (View Specification (docx))

Two plates with weight hooks

  •      Series of masses provided
  •      2,5N, 2N, 1N, 0,5N
  •      Precision shims

Lever arm – Length: 240 mm

Water tank

  •      Transparent glass
  •      Drain valve

Glass made of transparent plastic

  •      Graduated level scale in mm

Rotation axis 

Variation of the angle of inclination of the submerged form

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 400 mm x 150mm x 300mm
  • Weight : 5 kg


  • User Manual
  • Technical documentation of the components
  • Lab exercises
  • Certificate of conformity CE

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