Multiple Evaporator Refrigeration- CRE102

Multiple Evaporator Refrigeration- CRE102

Teaching Experimental Applications (View Data Sheet (pdf) )

  • Identification of the components of a refrigeration system with two cold chambers
  • Commissioning and verification of operation
  • Study of the basic concept of a refrigeration system with R404A inside and with double evaporation. – Study of the thermodynamic cycle on enthalpy diagram.
  • Calculation of refrigerating capacities to the condensers and evaporators.
  • Overall performance of the unit.

Technical Detail ( )

Hermetic compressor

  • Refrigerant R404A
  • Cooling capacity: 1532 W
  • Evaporation temperature -10°C
  • Ambient temperature +32°C

  Air condenser

  •  Fan flow rate: 900 m3/h
  • Electric power: 30 W

Liquid tank

Capacity 2.35 dm3

Output valve

With Dehydrator filter, Sight glass

Bottle exchanger between the high-pressure liquid and low-pressure steam with injection

Air evaporator with forced convection (x2)

  •  Copper tube – aluminum fins
  •  Cooling capacity: 665 W for dt 8°

Dimensions and Weight

  • Dimensions:  (LxWxH mm): 2420 x 850 x 2150
  •  weight (Kg): 220


  •  User Manual
  •   Pedagogical manual
  •   Technical documentation of the components
  •    Electrical diagram
  •    Fluid diagram
  •    Enthlapy diagram
  •    Lab Exercise
  •   Certificate of conformity CE

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