ProLine for standardized tests

ProLine is the ideal testing machine for function tests on components and standard tests on materials. Used in conjunction with our intuitive testXpert II testing software, ProLine materials testing machines offer fast, easy operation. All test programs can be used. Development and manufacture of ProLine, including all mechanical, electronic and software components, together with the comprehensive range of accessories, takes place at Zwick’s production facility in Germany, enabling optimum matching of all items.

ProLine for standardized tests

ProLine for standardized tests

Description of application

By targeting ProLine specifically at standardized tests on materials and components it has been possible to achieve particularly simple, compact operation for these testing machines.

Standardized tests on components are many and varied. Examples include testing plug and spring contacts in the electrical industry, checking joining and pressing procedures on precision engineered components and ring-stiffness tests on reel-cores and pipe sections.

In the packaging and food industries there are stackability tests on plastic containers and cardboard boxes, open-and-close tests on snap-on lids, pull-off tests on can lids, tear-growth and adhesion tests on plastic films and hoses and pull-off tests on carrying-handles.

For more information such as specifications, datasheets see here.

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