Steam turbine unit -TVT 3kW


Steam turbine unit -TVT 3kW

Steam turbine unit -TVT 3kW

Teaching Experimental Applications (View Data Sheet (pdf))

Operation of a thermoelectric unit
• Steam boiler
• Steam turbine
• Yields

Measuring devices
• Temperature
• Level
• Pressure
• Flow rate

Safety devices
Thermal exchanges

• Steam water
• Electric steam
• Water combustion
• Water Air

Water treatment

Technical Details (View Specification (docx))

Steam boiler 134 000kcal / h
4.1m² heating surface
Maximum temperature 192 °C
Steam production 210kg/h
Maximum pressure 12 bar
Diesel burner
Sensors temperatures, flow rate, level, pressure and safety.

Steam user group 3600 rpm
Steam turbine output atmos pressure or vacuum 3kW
Vortex effect flowmeter
Pressure and temperature safety sensors

Dynamometer 4.6 kVA
Connected directly to the turbine
Rotational speed Torque, Ammeter, Voltmeter
Braking of the turbine
Charge dissipation resistors

Cooling tower
Open air circuit flow rate 1.7m3/s
Water circuit in continuous flow rate 15 m3/h

Steam condenser
Exchange surface 2.7m²

Water tank and condensates 250L
stainless steel
Temperature level safeties controls
Steam heating
Boiler supply pump

Fuel supply container 250L
stainless steel
Glass level
Sensor temperature and safeties

Water treatment
Automatic softener with regeneration of the resins
Salt bins 100L
Dose group with volumetric pump 100L

Electrical superheater
8kW power
Measurements of temperature, pressure and safety
Steam flow rate 210 kg/h
Steam temperature 240 °C

Exchanger plates 0.6m²
Circulation pump 3.5m3/h
Inlet temperature 240 °C
Outlet temperature 188 °C

Electricity : 380V– 12kW


– Length : 4000mm
– Width : 3000mm
– Height : 3000mm
– Gross weight 5000 Kg


  • User Manual
  • Pedagogical manual
  • Technical documentation of the components
  • Lab exercises
  • Certificate of conformity CE

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