Teaching Experimental Applications (View Data Sheet (pdf))

  • Operation of a steam turbine unit
  • Steam boiler
  • Steam turbine
  • Alternator
  • Efficiencies
  • Measuring devices on the different circuits
  • Temperature
  • Level
  • Pressure
  • Flow rate
  • Calculation of efficiencies
  • Steam boiler
  • Superheater
  • steam turbine
  • Steam condenser
  • Cooling tower
  • Study and analysis on a water treatment station

Technical Details (View Specification (docx))

Steam boiler

Permanent presence boiler with safeties

Control box with alarm signaling by siren

10 bar utilization pressure

Oil burner

Steam turbine

Steam turbine 1kW

Rotation speed: 3000rpm

Supply pressure: 10 bar

Mechanical overspeed regulator

Power-off valve


Direct mechanical connection to the turbine

Production: 1000W-50hz to 1500rpm

Production control by potentiometer

Dissipation of energy on electric resistors

Cooling tower

Open tower with forced ventilation

Power used: 90KW

Water circuit in continuous flow rate 6 m3/h

Steam condenser

Tubular exchanger (water in the tubes)

Recovery of condensates towards the feedwater tank by mechanical pump

Water tank

Volume: 250L

Material: Stainless steel

Controls: level, temperature

Heating by the steam with injection nozzle

Boiler supply pump

Tank fuel oil supply

Volume: 250L

Material: Stainless steel

Controls: level, temperature

Retention bin in the lower part

Water treatment

Automatic softener with regeneration of the resins

Salt bins

Water treatment by adding specific product by dosing pump

Electrical superheater

Steam outlet temperature: 210°C

Digital PID temperature control


Steam flow rate in kg/h with vortex flowmeter for steam

Scale: 0-200 kg/h of steam

Cooling water flow rate on the condenser with float flowmeter for water

Scale : 0-10 m3/h

Temperatures: 9 thermometer needles

  • Condenser input water side
  • Condenser outlet water side
  • Steam boiler output
  • Steam superheater output
  • Steam turbine input
  • Steam turbine output
  • Temperature condensates
  • Water temperature of the tank
  • Fuel oil temperature in the tank

Pressure: 7 with needle manometers

  • Steam pressure boiler output
  • Steam pressure turbine input
  • Steam pressure turbine output
  • Steam pressure circuit utility
  • Water supply pressure
  • Steam pressure condenser input
  • Steam pressure condenser outlet

Turbine speed with display on digital indicator

Scale: 0-4000 rpm

Alternator speed with display on digital indicator

Scale: 0-4000 rpm

Electrical power display on digital indicator

Scale: 0-1500 Watts

The bench is also equipped as standard with a monitoring and configuration software. The connection towards the PC is  shall be made via a standard USB port

Electrical supply : 380 Vac -50 Hz – 20KW

Dimensions:  (LxWxH mm): 5000 x 5000 x 2200

weight (Kg): 3000


  • User Manual
  • Pedagogical manual
  • Technical documentation of the components
  • Lab exercises
  • Certificate of conformity CE

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