Temperature Measurement Method Study Unit  - PMT200

Temperature Measurement Method Study Unit – PMT200

Teaching Experimental Applications ( View Data Sheet (pdf))

  • Study of 7 different types of temperature sensors.
  • Visualization of measured quantities (voltage for the thermocouples, resistance for the Pt100 and the thermistors).
  • Using physical quantity conversion tables / measured value.
  • Study of different errors.
  • Calibration of a sensor-indicator compared to a reference.

Technical Details (View Specification (docx) )

Digital multimeter

  • Three digital indicators with universal input
  • Configuration front panel
  • Connecting sensors with rope Ø =4 mm


  • Thermocouples K and J
  • Pt100
  • Thermistor
  • Two type of thermometer

Fan / Heater
Fan speed controller
Variation of the temperature of the blown air

Adiabatic Vase

  • Dewar type vase for measuring the point 0°C

Water bath heater

  • A thermoregulator for measuring hot water to 95°C

Dimensions and Weight

  • Dimensions:  (LxWxH mm): 800 x 700 x 600
  • weight (Kg): 35


  • User Manual
  • Pedagogical manual
  • Technical documentation of the components
  • Certificate of conformity CE

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