Venturi Nozzle -PBV011

Teaching Experimental Applications (View Datasheet (pdf))

  • Plotting of the curves of pressure losses according to the flow rate
  • Flow rate measurement by a venturi
  • Determination of the characteristic coefficient of a venturi
  • Study of the law of Bernoulli
Venturi Nozzle -PBV011

Venturi Nozzle -PBV011

Technical Detail (View Specification (docx))

  • Manometer water column with transparent flexible plastic tubes. Air purge valve and air vent on the side
  • Float flowmeter 0-2000L / h
  • Transparent venturi DN25 with pressure fitting taps distributed along the profile (13 fitting taps)
  • Flow rate control valve valves (inlet) and the setting of the back pressure (output)


  • Hoses for connection to the supply and to water evacuation
  •  Water supply :25L/min – 2 bars

Dimensions and weight

  •  Dimensions: (LxWxH mm): 900 x 800 x 950
  •  weight (Kg): 40


  • User Manual
  • Technical documentation of the components
  • Lab exercises
  • Certificate of conformity CE

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